Hedgehog home

Easy build hedgehog home

Hedgehogs hibernate during the winter months and are drawn to dark places such as stacks of wood, leaves and twigs unfortunately many usually try to hibernate in what will later be set alight as a bonfire without people realising that they are there. hedgehog homes help to keep hedgehogs safe during these months and from fires and predators so that they are ready to feast on slugs and snails in the spring.

Materials needed:

Bricks or wooden planks

Straw, hay and plenty of leaves

Hammer and nails

Wooden box (or you can make your own)

Step 1: Find a suitable location

Your hedgehog home should be located in a safe area of your garden, it is recommended that you place the home underneath a hedge if possible.

Step 2: The entrance

It is a great idea to create an entrance to your hedgehog home (as shown in the picture above), Make sure the opening is at least 10cm (4 inches) square. out of one side of the box close to the base.

Step 2 : The main house

If you are using a pre made wooden crate (often available at local garden centres) please make sure to drill a few holes around it so that air can easily pass through, If you are making your own from wooden planks thats great, you can leave small gaps between the planks for the air.

Step 3: Inside the house

You can add material such as straw, hay and leaves inside of the box but it is also good to leave these materials outside the box close to the entrance as hedgehogs like to make their own bedding.

You can also leave easily accessible water close to the home as well as they also get thirsty.

Step 4: Camouflage

People often scatter leaves or place a piece of grass turf on the roof the hedgehog house to help camouflage it from predators as well as for appearance.

Step 5: Wait for your garden guest to arrive 🙂

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