Grow your own – Recipes

Growing your own food is becoming increasingly popular with more people every year planting in their gardens and allotments. Some people may ask whats the point when you can just buy it from the supermarkets!

There are many benefits to growing your own food from financial benefits to health benefits.

When we buy food from the supermarket a lot of the time is has travelled many hundreds/thousands of miles in trucks burning high amounts of fossil fuels and has been treated with a range of chemicals to keep it ‘fresh’ during it’s journey to our shelves. This affects the taste and quality of the food.

The use of many different types of chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers used in commercial farming can emit harmful chemicals into our soil and water along side commercial farming which utilises an extreme amount of these products which in turn fill the earth and our food with harmful chemicals, some of which have been proven to cause diseases such as cancer.

Costs of produce in the supermarkets can often be high in price although it may not feel like it but when you compare how many tomatoes you can grow for the same price as 1 bag from the supermarket you can clearly see the difference. It is true that many countries do not have the climate to grow these vegetables/fruits all year round and so there will always be a need for import but we hope that the need on products that can be self grown will reduce in coming years.

Whether you have a garden, allotment or just grow simple herbs in a plant plot on your kitchen windowsill there is a sense of pride and great achievement in growing your own food.

It is also a fun to grow produce with your family and children, teaching them about nature and the environment as you go.

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