Environmental management

Our Wildlife conservation course is suitable for those who wish to:

  • Increase their employability
  • Gain confidence in ability and understanding of Environmental management
  • Expand their knowledge

This course consists of 10 topics as stated below each containing their own short assessment. On completion of all topics you will then be given a case study on which you will be asked to write a final report on. You will be assigned a tutor to help you with assessments as well as access to online one to one lessons to reinforce your studies.

Duration: 100 Hours (approximately)

Qualification: Certificate upon completion of course


Lesson 1: What is environment

  • Introduction
  • Eco-system components
  • Sustainable development

Lesson 2: Global Environmental issues

  • Global warming
  • Pollution

Lesson 3: Environmental planning

  • Scope and environmental management
  • Fundamentals

Lesson 4: Environmental management systems

  • EMS
  • ISO standards

Lesson 5: Environmental law

  • Pollution control
  • Waste and water management

Lesson 6: Environmental policy

Lesson 7: Planning for environmental improvement

Lesson 8: Implementation

  • Improving environmental performance

Lesson 9: Monitoring environmental performance

Lesson 10: Reviewing/reporting environmental performance

  • Methods and formats for preparing and presenting reports

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